There is always a Way for You to Give Back to Your Community

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Giving back is where you give, and then nothing happens. No benefits for you, no recognition, nothing tangible gets sent your way. Your biggest and sole reward is the realization that you’ve made a significant change in someone’s life. And if not ‘significant’ then a positive change nevertheless.”

Giving back to one’s community does so much to help those in need, besides contributing to the common good. One can give back in different ways, like through donating money or sharing one’s time.

Ali Mokaram, a personal injury lawyer, says that “focusing on people is what matters most, and there is no better way to do so than supporting the community at large.” Different ways of giving back to one’s community include:

Promoting Local Businesses: Buying locally made products will definitely help small businesses in your area, as well as setting aside an area of your website to link to and to promote your favorite local companies.

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The Different Chapters of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code

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The 1.53 million Americans who filed personal bankruptcies in 2010 is a clear indication of the bad economic situation suffered by many individuals and families in the US. Besides loss of job, a direct effect of poor economy, an accident or illness requiring medical treatment, which has also become too costly, divorce, and other events have contributed to diverting all funds to basic needs rather than to paying monthly bills, mortgage or debts. The downside of this, of course, is the accumulation of debts that eventually become quite impossible to settle.

To protect their interests, creditors usually refer bad debts (debts that have not been paid for at least three consecutive months) to collection firms which, in turn, employ harassing tactics to force the debtors to pay.

Suffering from overwhelming debts, however, is never a total ruin to an individual’s or a business’ financial future. As explained in the website of the Bradford Law Offices, PLLC, individuals and businesses in the United States actually have a number of different available options for returning to financial freedom, including bankruptcy. Many people only associate bankruptcy with negative consequences. However, in reality, it provides debtors with an invaluable tool for restoring order to their finances.

The U.S. Bankruptcy Code contains chapters designed to save debtors from debts that have become quite impossible to manage. Each chapter is meant to address debtors’ specific financial situation, and basically aimed at eradicating all forms of debts for the individual’s or business’ fresh financial start. The Bankruptcy Code offers:

  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy – a liquidation bankruptcy wherein a court-appointed trustee sells some of the “non-exempt” assets and properties surrendered by the debtor (there are exempt properties, like the home, which the debtor can keep and protect). The proceeds from the sale are distributed to the creditors and the remaining amount (if there is any) will be returned to the owner.
    • The debts to be paid in this chapter are the non-dischargeable debts (usually government-related debts). Debts from which the court can decide to free the debtor can include credit card bills, medical bills, past utility bills, personal loans, and so forth.
  • Chapter 11 or business bankruptcy – allows the business firm to either restructure its finances (repayment plan) for more affordable payments, or liquidate some of its properties to be able to pay creditors. Unlike in chapter 7, wherein a business will have to cease operations, chapter 11 allows a firm to stay in business.
  • Chapter 12 – is designed for family farmers and family fishermen which should have a regular annual income to be considered eligible under this law. which own and operate the fishing or farming business; which own at least 50% of the farming/fishing business; and, which earns a regular annual income.
  • Chapter 13 – which is reorganization or restructuring bankruptcy, requires debtors to design a debt payment scheme spanning to three years (can be five years if the court so allows). Under this chapter, all of the debtor’s properties are saved or never sold.

A realistic and objective assessment of a debtor’s financial condition is required regardless of the chapter of bankruptcy the debtor wishes to file. Making sure, therefore, that the lawyer, who will be hired to defend the rights and interests of debtors, is very significant.

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Understanding The Basics of Shoulder Replacement Surgery

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The shoulder has an important role in facilitating the movement of the arm. For this reason, any damage in this part of the body can restrict the performance of basic tasks. You might find sleeping difficult or disrupted as a result of the damage to the bone, cartilage, and other parts of the shoulder. When there is serious pain or damage in the shoulder, your doctor may advise replacement surgery.

Shoulder replacement surgery is designed to increase body function and minimize pain. It is usually recommended when there is loss of cartilage or other damage that results to pain every time the shoulder joint is used or moved. Replacement surgery is often recommended when the traditional procedures are no longer applicable. Designed to be used as a corrective procedure, there has been reports of defective replacement devices causing additional injuries and pain to patients.

According to the website of Williams Kherkher, faulty shoulder replacement devices carry additional complications. The defective shoulder replacement device manufactured by a medical company reportedly falls off after being implanted. Just like other surgical procedures, shoulder replacement also poses some risks to patients. However, if the injury was due to some faulty device, it is possible to recover some damages from the manufacturer for the injuries caused by the defective device.

Some common complications of shoulder replacement surgery include blood clots in a leg vein. This can be extremely dangerous if the blood clot restricts blood flow from the leg back to the heart or move to the lungs. In order to correct the damage of a defective shoulder replacement device, the patient may have to undergo revision surgery which is more risky and may also carry major side effects.

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Is Shoulder Replacement Surgery Right for You?

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Shoulder joint damage can be caused by a number of different conditions. The most common reason behind this is arthritis. At its most severe, shoulder joint damage can cause extreme pain, stiffness, and difficulty moving. Typically, these symptoms are addressed with medication and physical therapy. However, if non-invasive treatments fail to alleviate these symptoms, surgery is usually the next best option.

According to the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases, more than a million people go through joint replacement surgery in the United States every year. Aside from hip and knee replacements, shoulder replacement surgery is another common procedure undergone by arthritis patients. This procedure entails having the damaged joint replaced by a prosthesis or implant that can be made out of plastic, metal, or a combination of both materials.

Joint replacement surgery has many advantages. While, like most surgical procedures, it involves some amount of risk, it still provides patients with a significant amount of time free from debilitating pain, as well as medication and their side effects. Unfortunately, the risks of a shoulder replacement procedure can become exacerbated by implants that are defective or poorly designed. With defective metal-on-metal implants, there have been many recorded instances of joint replacement surgeries leading to serious side effects like high metal toxicity levels in the body and bone and tissue damage.

If you’re considering shoulder replacement surgery as an answer to your arthritis symptoms, have an honest conversation with your physician regarding use of implants that have been proven safe and effective. Likewise, if you have gotten a shoulder replacement surgery recently, take note of your post-operative symptoms and take note of your recovery timeline. According to Williams Kherkher, symptoms that continue to worsen over time could point to complications caused by a defective shoulder joint implant. Consult with your doctor immediately and seek out the advice of a lawyer to learn more about your options.

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Using The Bucket Test To Determine Leaks In Your Swimming Pool

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With the amount of water in your swimming pool, finding leaks can be extremely difficult. Fixing the leak can be extremely challenging for you so letting the professional do it is the best option. But before doing so, you need to be sure that there is really a leak. One of the tried and tested ways for finding leaks in a swimming pool is the bucket test.

According to the website of American Leak Detection of Dallas, if your pool needs constant refilling then there could be a hidden leak. In using the Bucket Test, there are few things that you need to bear in mind:

  • It must be performed within 24 hours to be accurate
  • Swimming in the pool or using the spa will make the test null and void
  • Conduct the test before activating your system in the morning
  • Switch off auto fill when conducting the bucket test
  • Make sure there are no leaks in the equipment as it will completely void the test

To get started with the bucket test, do the following:

  • Fill your pool to the normal level
  • Mark the water level in the pool inside the skimmer or on the waterline tile. Use a #2 pencil or a permanent marker.
  • Place a bucket of water on the first or second step of the pool or spa while leaving a few inches exposed to catch any rain water
  • When the water in the bucket is completely still, mark the water level in the bucket in a similar way you did in the pool
  • Run the pool pump to run its normal cycle
  • After 24 hours, compare the water level in the pool with that of the bucket

If the water level in the pool has lost more than the water in the bucket, this means that there is a leak. This is the time to call a professional to fix the leak.

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Fears On Assisted Living

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The thought of being away from the family and living on a place that is not your home can be a frightening thing, which is why states that finding the right assisted living community is the only way to ensure that the experience wont cause such a culture shock. Many people believe that senior care is only for those who have no family or for those who have no one to take care of the, but this is very far from the truth. The majority of fear regarding senior care and assisted is inaccurate and nowadays it have become one of the growing options for elders to spend their retirement years.

One of the most worrying thing that elders believe about senior care is that they would be forgotten by their loved ones and that their health will deteriorate. This is so far from the truth, as assisted living is aimed to help ensure the health and well being on the residents are looked after. Many of these health problems stems from loneliness, and the reason why seniors fear going into a facility, but with assisted living you only get to appreciate these bonds and learn to establish more with other residents and staff in the community. You will not be bored because there are various activities as well as amenities that assisted living offers so as to help keep you engaged and living in the present.

Another concern is the concept of strangers not being able to give proper care, but this is not true. Caregivers are encouraged to provide contact contact with the family and that health professionals are always present to attend to any needs or emergencies that can happen. Assisted living will not also be a hindrance to your independence, since it provides services that helps you make the best of your life. Although there is constant fear of elder abuse, it can easily be avoided by finding a legitimate and properly licensed assisted living community.

Lastly, many people fear that assisted living can lead to financial drain. It may seem daunting, but assisted living actually cost less than any other option since it not only provides living for your senior loved one but also the much needed health care. If you are concerned about assisted living, make sure to financially plan ahead and consider options such as converting long-term care insurance.

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Pursuing Justice through a Wrongful Death Claim

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Many different kinds of major accidents, which have claimed thousands of lives, have happened in the past, leaving many families grieving over the loss of their loved ones besides causing them other kinds of hardships, such as emotional and financial burdens.

Acting and behaving in ways that will never put another person at risk of injury or serious harm should be everyone’s conscious thought; this manner of acting and behaving need not be commanded by law, but since many rather choose to act negligently or recklessly, laws need to be passed and strictly enforced to keep law-abiding persons from the harmful behavior of non-caring individuals.

Negligence is the basis of most personal injury cases or lawsuits, which are filed by injured victims for the purpose of seeking compensation from the liable party for the harm that his or her wrongful conduct has caused. It can be committed by anyone and anywhere, with actions most often resulting to different kinds of injury-causing accidents, such as slip and fall, job-related accidents, cruise ship accident, plane accident, dental or medical malpractice, exposure to hazardous substances or conditions in the workplace, and motor vehicles accidents (wherein those involved may include cars, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles or pedestrians).

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), car accidents, in particular, number to more than five million in the US every year. These accidents, which result from drunk-driving or driving under the influence (DUI), reckless driving, overspeeding, distracted driving, road and highway defects, and defectively designed car or car parts, injure more than two million and kill more than 30,000 people. While disability, as one of car accidents’ results, is already a very serious case, wrongful death is still their worst consequence.

An Indianapolis car accident attorney might define wrongful death as the loss of a person’s life due to another individual’s negligence or willful misconduct. Due to this loss, the surviving family members and/or dependents (known legally as “real parties in interest”) of the deceased victim can file a special kind of personal injury lawsuit, called a wrongful death claim, for the purpose of pursuing justice, usually through compensation for all the pecuniary or financial damages they will be made to undergo due to the victim’s death.

A wrongful death lawsuit may be filed by the family’s/dependent’s representative, while the damages that may be considered compensable may include loss of financial support due to the victim’s death, medical and funeral expenses, lost prospect of inheritance, financial worth of all the goods and services that the deceased victim would have provided his/her family, loss of consortium and the family’s pains, suffering, and mental anguish.

There are important things that the family members and dependents of the deceased should know regarding all legal matters related to filing a lawsuit, such as their state’s specific laws on wrongful death claims, damages covered, the statutory (time) limit for the filing of the lawsuit, and the requirements for one to be recognized as “real party in interest.” These are matters that the surviving family may want to entrust to a highly-qualified personal injury lawyer, who may just be able to provide the necessary legal assistance that the family actually needs.

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Repetitive Motion Injuries

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Construction workers have some of the most physically demanding jobs on the market. These jobs often involve repeating certain motions over and over again, for hours and hours a day. These repetitive actions can lead to serious injuries that develop over time and may leave a person unable to work. People may not take action to alleviate their injury, as the symptoms may only occur during work at the beginning. However, as time goes on, the pain can become excruciating at all points of a person’s day, even when they aren’t working. Not only is this uncomfortable, but can cause a person to be unable to work, according to the website of Crowe Mulvey. However, there are some signs to watch out for when it comes to repetitive motion injuries.

Some of the first signs a person may notice is pain, aching, and tenderness in the affected area. For example, if you use your elbow in daily work activities and start noticing pain when you bend your elbow, it may be a sign of a repetitive motion injury. As the injury gets worse, an individual may experience throbbing, tingling, or stiffness at the site of the injury. They may also be able to see visible swelling at the site. If these symptoms are ignored, the injury may become so bad that a person can not properly perform their job, leading to physical and financial stress. Some common results of this are bursitis, tendinitis, and carpel tunnel syndrome which can last for years of a person’s life. Due to this, it is important to recognize the symptoms early on.

Even though repetitive motions may be a part of an individual’s job, injuries from this cannot be ignored. Medical problems caused by these motions can last for years and need to be treated as soon as possible.

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Causes of Car accidents in Lake Charles

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Lake Charles is the 6th largest city in Louisiana, which means more car accidents. About 33,000 people in the US die every year from vehicular accidents, or one every 15 minutes. It is the leading cause of death for younger Americans. However, that is not the end of the story. There are approximately 2.3 million injuries resulting from a car-related accident, or about 43 every minute. Many are minor, but way too many are serious injuries with long-term consequences.

Some of these may be due to slippery roads or mechanical failure, but in many cases (98%) the accident is caused by the negligent or irresponsible behavior of one driver. The most common of these behaviors include:

  • Looking at something other than the road (rubbernecking)
  • Using a cell phone
  • Fiddling with a GPS or radio tuner
  • Sightseeing
  • Being distracted by passengers
  • Fatigue
  • Driving too fast in poor (road, weather, etc.) conditions
  • Drunk or intoxicated driving

It only takes a few seconds of distraction or a slight impairment for an accident to occur. While the driver does not usually intend to harm others, they are still liable for any injuries or death that occurs. Any Lake Charles car accident lawyer would point out that but for that reckless or careless act, the accident would not have happened.

This is the reason why drivers in the US are required to have liability insurance. A motor vehicle is like a loaded gun, and in the hands of an irresponsible driver, it can cause devastating harm. It takes only a single human error to end a life. In a recent accident in Lake Charles, a drunk driver failed to negotiate a turn and crashed the car into a tree. An unrestrained female passenger flew from the vehicle in the crash and died on the scene.

If you have been seriously injured in a negligent car accident, you are probably in need of financial assistance. You have every right to sue the negligent driver, the insurer, or both for damages in Lake Charles. Speak with a Houston, Texas personal injury lawyer for more information.

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Updates on Tranvaginal Mesh Litigation

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Transvaginal mesh litigation is considered one of the most prolific of product litigation lawsuits in US tort law history. There are more than 60,000 claims already filed with the courts, and another 50,000 plaintiffs are expected to file suit. This prompted the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to level up the product from moderate to high risk classification for the treatment of women with pelvic organ prolapse (POP) or urinary incontinence.

Transvaginal mesh multi-district litigation (MDL) is currently pending in the Southern District of West Virginia naming seven defendants including C.R. Bard Inc, American Medical Systems, Inc. (a subsidiary of Endo International Plc.), Ethicon Inc. (a division of Johnson & Johnson), and Boston Scientific, all manufacturers of transvaginal mesh products.

The claims against these defendants include defective design and manufacture of the product which resulted in serious injury or harm to those who were implanted. Furthermore, plaintiffs claimed that they were not given adequate warning about the dangers associated with using the product which included mesh erosion, infection, and organ damage. Many of the plaintiffs had to undergo revision surgery to remove the mesh and repair the damage done, and in some cases the mesh was beyond recovery or the damage was too severe to be repaired.

Twenty thousand lawsuits had been filed against American Medical Systems, a major mesh manufacturer. The company was quick to announce that it would settle many of the claims from a $1.2 billion fund provided by Endo for that purpose, but has not admitted to any liability. Ethicon, on the other hand, is not giving way to the 30,000 claims made against them and both sides are preparing for the third bellwether trial set for early December 2014, despite its defeat in September when the jury awarded $3.27 million in damages to plaintiff Jo Huskey for injuries sustained with using the TVT-O pelvic mesh sling device. The verdict is currently being appealed.

Avaulta transvaginal mesh manufacturer C.R. Bard chose to settle some of the lawsuits against them, agreeing to pay about $43,000 for each of 500 cases when the federal court directed them to prepare for trial in those 500 cases. But there are more out there; in excess of 9,000 cases have so far been filed against the mesh manufacturer. Boston Scientific was ordered by a Texas state court to pay $73 million in damages (reduced to $43 million in compliance with Texas law) to Martha Salazar for her injuries caused by the Obtryx sling. More than 14,000 plaintiffs are asking for compensation from Boston Scientific.

If you sustained serious injuries from using a transvaginal mesh product, you are definitely not alone, nor should you sustain the financial consequences on your own. Contact a personal injury in your area for legal advice.

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